Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Passion...

Day 169

SaTuRdAy Blessings!

‘Ello Blog-o-sphere!
So much has been going on in my little world as of late.
As I have wrote recently… my passion for photography has recently been reignited – and the passion burns brighter than ever before.

I owe it to my place of employment (I ♥ my job!!!)…
The super sa-weet Nikon Brian bought me for Christmas…
The Photo Word Hunt I participate in via Facebook…
Taking MAGNITUDES of pictures of my daughter (and sons when they allow me…)
And just a lifelong love of photography…

So with that being said, I have decided to start a side business with my photography.

I am not expecting to be the next MEGA SUPERSTAR PHOTOGRAPHER (although that would be super cool)…
Or to make a million dollars…
I would just love to put my eye and perspective out there and make some extra money for myself and my family doing something I LOVE and am passionate about.

If I get one sitting a week I would be ECSTATIC!

Please check out my new site --
Cyn Knight Photography -- right here on blogger – where I plan to showcase my portfolio and such! You can also find this site listed in my profile…
I also have a link to follow me on Facebook too if you would like – I would ♥ that!

I hope to lure some friends and family into being models to build my portfolio and thus my business in due time.

Being that we are so frigid here this time of year in Rhode Island – my goal is to have my business fully operational by Spring or early Summer!

I am so excited about this biz!

It only took me forty years and nine months; but I FINALLY know what I want to be when I grow up…

Blessed Be…


The Peacock feather pic is my biz logo and a shot created by me!


  1. Love the peacock feather and a great biz logo. Are you using it for business cards, too? You should it is very eye catching.

  2. Thanks Mia -- and yes, I am! Ordered my cards last week and used that same pic as my logo! I do love peacock feathers -- so it made sense!


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