Thursday, January 27, 2011

ShE sPeAkS...

Thursday Blessings!

So I figured I might actually write something on my blog today…
Like for example – Saturday is my first photog gig.
And I use the term *gig* lightly as it’s my cousin’s little boy’s 3rd Birthday Party – so yeah, another photo session with my family that I am basically doing for free. Okay I am TOTALLY doing it for free…
I am treating this event as though it were a legit paying gig and will produce a beautiful cd of gorgeous memories for my cousin.
And who knows?
My cousin and Aunt know tons of people –a nice testimonial, word of mouth, more clicks on my website – you get the gist.
So while it’s a gift – it could potentially progress into future work for me.
A win/win situation!

And honestly, even if it doesn’t pan into future work– I am happy to do this for my cousins because she NEVER takes photos – just not her thing.
She needs some nice candid photos of Brady!

Let’s see what else is going on… ?
Oh yeah, Weight Watchers.
Or my lack thereof…
Well, that isn’t entirely true. I think when you have been on Weight Watchers, or any weight loss program/regimen/journey as long as I have (8 months and 40 lbs. down) you can’t just revert back to old, horrid habits overnight – nor do I plan to!
But I do need a breather from it all.
I need to stop overthinking and stressing about the whole counting points and accounting for every morsel I put in my mouth or even the amount I move.

And ya want to know something bizarre… ?
In this past week that I have been on a *tracking strike* -- I haven’t snacked late at night – something that is a HUGE issue for me.
When you stop thinking about it all the time it becomes a second thought.

I am not saying I am quitting my journey to get to my goal weight – I WILL get there! I am just regrouping and changing things up a bit – because the way I am doing things right now just isn’t working. I have been losing and regaining the same 5lbs since SEPTEMBER!!!

Moving along…

I have really been focusing on my business and my path lately – and it feels *right* to put emphasis on these aspects in my life. My spellwork and such fell to the wayside during the holidays, I hate to admit. But I am back to doing my daily rituals and my occasional spells. Even have some new ones in the works – I will update on the outcomes and such.

I can say this much – my self-doubt has diminished greatly since being back in the groove of my path.

Goddess Group has been a no-go for the past THREE weeks (all due to nasty weather) and I am missing my Goddesses desperately. The weather in these parts has just been nothing but COLD, ICE, and SNOW. Seriously, we have had at least one mega-storm a week since Christmas. But I digress…
Missing my chickie-pow-wow sessions like mad! I need my female empowerment fix something fierce. So much so I am on the verge of casting a weather spell… anyone out there know any good ones????

And with that being said…
Let me close with this:

Cosmic Mother

Oh Goddess Mother
You are the mystery of Night
Your radiant shine is the Day
Infinite realms cascade within You

Abundance is Your essence of Being
Blessings flow from You Limitlessly
Your Universe is harmony and tension in Balance

Within each of us, You are Alive

~ Abby Willowroot © 1998

Blessed Be…


  1. Whenever I feel the urge for a spell, I do a quick sigil spell. Research chaos magic :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion -- I did a quick Google and it looks amazing -- I definitely need to do more research!



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