Saturday, January 29, 2011

30 MORE Days of Blogging -- Day 11

Day 11 - A photo of you taken recently

This is me...
Taken by me!

(And of course I *edited* some tiny lines that may or may not have formed around my 40-almost-41 year old eyes... I have to practice using my editing tools after all. *heh*)

Blessed Be...


  1. OMG! I'm starting to get those wrinkles that you edited out. :P Your so beautiful! You have gorgeous eyes.

  2. LOL -- you're a young pup how can you possibly be getting wrinkles?!?!

    And aww shucks -- thanks!


  3. I am going to be thirty in April... So, it's about the time where things are starting to change.... The girls are definitely not where they used to be. :P

  4. LOL wait until you hit FORTY! I would kill to have my 30 year old ta-ta's and ass now! HAHA!


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