Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So What Wednesday...

Day 173


• I have never been a business owner – I am one now!

• I don’t ever become a millionaire – I just want to pay my bills, provide the necessities and the occasion splurge for my family, go out to dinner every now again, and take a nice big family vacay once a year – is that so much to ask????

• The only clients I have lined up for my photography business are family and friends – I have to start somewhere right?

• I am SO excited to have a new follower on my blog who isn’t a family member or a friend (are you sensing a trend here?) – just someone who is reading my drivel because she chooses to, not because she feels she has to… *heh*! (Welcome to my randomness!)

• I purposely get up at 5am every single morning JUST to have 45 minutes ALL to myself (SO RARE in a family of five) to drink coffee and read (and post) blogs!
• I am counting the days (many because I am cheap and refuse to pay for shipping and handling unless I absolutely have to) until my new business cards arrive!

• I will feel SO *official* when previously mentioned business cards do arrive because apparently a *website*, Facebook page, an EIN (Employer Identification Number) and various other tax documents aren’t *official* enough for me but $10.00 biz cards are?!?!

What are you saying SO WHAT to?
Let us know… join the fun on Shannon's page --
Life After I "Dew"!

Blessed Be…

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