Thursday, May 26, 2011

HaPPy ThurSdAy!

Skylar will turn two on June 14th and all I have to say is that she is progressively becoming both the funniest and most particular person I know.

Girlfriend knows exactly what she likes and doesn’t like and has NO qualms in letting you know!

Lately she has become a VERY picky eater – basically she only eats yogurt, fruit, peanuts, Poptarts, some cereal, toast on occasion, ice cream, Jello, corn, and mac n cheese. That is it – well other than candy if I allow her to, which is rare!

I know it could be worse; at least she eats some decent foods – but ack @ the processed garbage that I am trying so hard to NOT have in the house. Needless to say, she eats A LOT of fruit --but sometimes we are desperate to get her to eat ANYTHING!

Which leads into her obsession with cats. My daughter goes absolutely GA-GA over cats; all animals really, but especially cats!
So much so that she has created an imaginary pet cat named Bum-Bum. No really, she named it herself and everything!

Sometimes out of desperation for her to eat we have to *pretend* that she is actually Bum-Bum and feed her *kitty snacks* (which can be anything really). It sounds ridiculous and I tell Brian all the time that we are one phone call away from a visit from DCYF but she eats every single bite every time we do it. All while patting her head and saying *good kitty* and *I love you Bum Bum*.

It sounds even more insane when I write it out… lol!
And I admit that Brian and I find it funny.
Please tell me we aren’t the only crazies out there allowing their child to be a *pet* in order to do the things she needs to do…

But look at her – how can you not just adore her no matter how silly she is…

I have to share this AMAZING
GiVeAwAy hosted by Leah at leah:the kind weight watcher to celebrate 100 Followers – YaY!

I actually met Leah on the Weight Watcher website and found her blog via there. She is one of my favorite reads and SUCH an inspiration – her weight loss journey is awesome and her informative and honest blog is part of the reasons I decided to become vegan!
Yeah I think she is pretty spiffy!
Anywho – check out her blog, enter her GiVeAwAy and GOOD LUCK!!!

Seize the day dear friends…


  1. Skylar is SO CUTE!!! I just want to pick her up and give her a big hug. :-)

    Thanks for the mention- you're now in for 6 entries (the max) so YOU ROCK!!! Good luck.

  2. If my husband would let me I would pack up our cat and send him to Skylar!

  3. You're not crazy! I think that game with Skylar is funny too. Or... are we both crazy? :P

    Having her pretend she's a cat isn't as bad as that scene from "A Christmas Story" where the mom has the boy pretend he's a pig to eat.


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