Monday, May 23, 2011

HoLLa: Weight Loss Update

I have been SO outta the loop lately. Between the usual day-to-day stuff – my son’s PRoM this past Friday and all that entails even for the male persuasion (btw – did ya see how great my son looked?) -- work – and everything else – which lately seems to be A LOT!
Basically… bloGGin’ has taken a backseat.
But here I am now; better late than never!

So on my last weigh-in I was down 1.4lbs!
SuPer DuPer w00ts!

Since joining the gym in the end of February I have lost a total of 12.2 lbs! 6.4 of that I have lost since going vegan a little over a month ago!
I am VERY proud of my dedication to my diet and the gym – made it there four times last week and was really committed to giving my workout 100%!
I am in such a good place right now in regards to my weight loss journey!
Choosing to eat vegan has been a bit harder – but so worth it!

I feel amazing!

Oh and a clarification – as pointed out by my Mother. When I have made posts in the past giving my time frames since cutting out dairy – I mean eggs as well. I don’t know why I combine eggs in the *dairy* category as they are so obviously not.
So to be clear – I am currently not eating ANY animal products and haven’t for approximately a month now. Minus some paneer cheese (which doesn’t contain rennet) a couple weeks back and a bean burrito that I realized contained some milk AFTER I consummed it.
Live and learn…

In Other News:

I am a weiner! I won a great
GiVeAwAy a few weeks back hosted by the lovely Lesley at Fabulously Flawed!
What did I win you ask?

Forever Sunshine Soleil Sublime Lotion from Bath & Body Works and it is RIDICULOUSLY yummy smelling! Brian totally agrees – and he is rather picky when it comes to scents.
So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Lesley! I L♥VE it! (And will be buying any companion body sprays, shower gels, etc. ASAP!)

Brian and I made a special trip back to
Trader Joes on Saturday just so I could purchase some soy cheese, fresh salsa, avocado hummus, vegan chourico (delish and SO spicy good) some tofu (YUMM-o!), and some frozen vegetarian biryani which was just delicious! I am seriously in love with this place and will be back before the end of the week. So worth the extra few bucks!

Our pool was opened today. Usually this is a day I am counting down a week in advance but our less than stellar (which is a nice way of saying crappola) weather has put a damper on the event. I hear the sun may come out on Thursday – of course I will be working.
Oh well, the pool season is young – I will get my time in the water!!!

I am being lazy and combining Motivational Monday on this post as well. Although it may not be *motivational* it does make me think…

After all...
I have both!

Happy Monday BloGoSpHeRe!


  1. Hey Cyn,
    So happy for you! You so deserve to feel that great!
    xo ~Kim

  2. So happy that veganism is working for you! I love it, too. :-)

    Your son looked great at prom!

    Congrats on the great WI! What a nice update to read this morning. I love positive blog entries.

  3. I know what you mean about being out of the loop lately. My blog posts have been scarce lately too.

    Great job on the weight loss!

    I've been using Forever Sunshine for months. I absolutely love it!

  4. Congrats on one month of vegan free eating! I know that has to be hard at first to stick to. And I'm glad you're liking Trader Joe's-we LOVE it :)

    And I'm SO jealous of the pool! Even though it's still a little chilly here I'd love to get in the water :)

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  7. Thank you ALL!!! ((((hugs)))) Your kind words and support really make me smile :D :D!!

  8. Excellent tips: Thanks for linking up. Keep in touch.


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