Sunday, May 1, 2011

HoLLa: Weight Loss Update

First of all – in case I missed anyone (which sadly I am sure I have because my weekend has just been insane) – thank you ALL so very much for the wonderful comments and birthday wishes. Simply put – I am touched!

Let’s discuss weight loss.
Or in my case weight gain.
Yeah, I gained this week at my weigh-in on Friday.
I consider this past week a MAJOR success even though I did technically gain .8 lbs.
For a week that had Easter at one end and my birthday at the other – a less than a lb. gain is pretty dang good.
Added to the fact that PMS and Mother Nature were in play – I did REALLY dang good!

Gym wise – I worked out six days last week (even on Easter and my Birthday) and give my dedication to the gym ALL the credit for the miniscule gain on such a *FOOD CRAZY* week.
I added some additional weight training to the mix and changed up my cardio a bit by adding the stationary bike and upping my level on the hill feature on the treadmill.

I also have logged in 85.9 mi on The Virtual Trans American Trail and am 10.58 mi away from Ashland, VA.

I am still going strong with my pledge to eat vegetarian! Yesterday made two weeks sans meat and this week I am cutting out dairy.
I admit that I am a wee bit nervous about saying adios to cheese; as I have a lifelong love affair with anything cheese related. We shall see how it goes. I am determined and feel confident about being successful!

In other non-diet news:
Today was FABULOUS outside and I actually sat in the backyard in my bathing suit to get some sun while Skylar played!

We had a *family* bday dinner/party for me tonight (my Barbie Party!) – so sweet! My Mom made me my all-time favorite dessert -- banana pudding (fat-free I might add) and Brian made us a wonderful spaghetti and meatball (his speciality) dinner. I, of course, had vegetarian sauce but it was still SUPERB!!! I got a new watch (on top of all the amazing things I already got this past week) and a GORGEOUS marquesite peacock ring. I ♥ peacocks!

My family is just amazing for allowing me to have a weekend ALL ABOUT ME and they really out of their way to make my birthday extra special.
I am without a doubt SPOILED!

Bruce the Spruce (along with a cousin I aquired from my Mom) was officially planted – aren’t they adorable!?!?!

I won a most excellent giveaway! I will of course *blog it* when it arrives – but a shout out to Lesley @
Fabulously Flawed and a most gracious thanks for hosting such a killer GiVeAwAy!
Please check out her blog – she is sassy and hysterical! I love a gal who isn’t afraid to say it like it is!

Tomorrow I return to work after having a week out of work. I didn’t intend to have a week out – it just worked out that way. While I don’t loathe my job (love what I do actually) – I was sorta hoping I would hit the Powerball so I wouldn’t have to EVER go back and could spend every single day with my kiddos in the sunshine…

Last but not least...just because she is so stinkin’ cute and my little pride and joy (and possibly my BFF because we spend SO much time together) – Miss Skylar Rockets and her little almost two-year old mood swings!



  1. I'm so excited to hear that you are going vegetarian! It's one of the best decisions that I've ever made for myself. :-)

    I love the new picture of you up top, you are so gorgeous!

  2. Yay for sun and bathing suits! That's, for some reason, a nice way to spend the day,

    I got the nut butters at Whole Foods (they're the individual packets for 190 calories, rather than the jar). I asked them if they carry it normally (cos I've never seen it there before), and they said no.

    But you can get them online: in the area that says "Find Justin's," and you can get it online.

  3. Hey, if you didn't even gain a full pound in the week near Easter you get MAD PROPS from me...*somebody* at my house ate an AWFUL lot of chocolate because they have no will power AT ALL! I'd hate to see what my weight is after last week!

    And I absolutely love the fact you had a barbie party! How fun! Glad you had such a good birthday and can't wait to hear what you won!


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