Sunday, May 1, 2011

Makeover: A MUCH Needed New 'Do!

To say I needed a new *look* would be the understatement of the century!
Initially I had promised myself a full-on day at the salon once I hit a certain weight but Brian decided to give me the *day of beauty* as a birthday gift!

It's funny how we get in ruts...
I knew my hair had seen better days.
I knew it was flat and lifeless...
I knew it had no style or *oomph*...
I knew it was not my usual tresses that have always been a sense of pride for me.

I had gotten in the habit of tossing my hair in a clip and convinced myself that it didn't look as bad as it really did.
Well nothing speaks LOUDER than a photograph...

Granted I am in sweatshirt, have uber rootage, and really didn't even try to make myself look spiffy but Oh-My-Good-Golly.

Ummm... why didn't anyone tell me it was THIS bad???? *heh*

Hello! I LOVEEEEE my new cut and color! My hairdresser Kim (bless her heart) really outdid herself with the corrective color (foils and color) and the cut. I have never had highlights and I love the entire look!

Ready to hit the town for my birthday evening out with my hunny and my favorite peeps!!! Feeling like a million dollars!

Besides looking better than I have in a LONG time I learned something from this experience. I need to do these sort of things for myself more often. I deserve to look the best I can because it does WONDERS for how I feel on the inside!
I am a better Mom when I feel good...
I am a better partner to Brian when I feel good...
I am a better ME when I feel good!

Turning 41 has been one of my best birthdays EVER!

On a sidenote: We had SO MUCH stinkin' fun last night with our friends. I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long, LONG time! Dinner was superb, the cocktails were yummy, and the company was AMAZING!!!
I am paying the price today because I haven't really drank in about three years -- but the headache is a small price to pay for how much fun we ALL had!!!

Thank you Brian!

It feels good to be ME again!


  1. Fabulous new look! Amazing how good a fresh cut and color make us feel. Happy Birthday!

  2. WOW You look INCREDIBLE!!!! You look like you FEEL happier! More Confident! Absolutely GORGOUS! I LOVE IT!!!! Now I need one :)

  3. Those bangs look really nice on you!!

  4. Thank you Ladies!!! xxoo!!!


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