Sunday, May 29, 2011

HoLLa: Weight Loss Update & Other Non-Related Tidbits!

HaPPy LoNg WeeKeNd!!!

So usually I weigh-in faithfully every single Friday. But this week I decided to take the weekend off. I will stick to my diet but I am choosing to skip my weigh-in and the gym for the weekend.
Everyone deserves a vacay, no?
Come Monday I am back at the gym and usual routine. And who am I kidding – I will make up these two days I missed at the gym through the course of the week.
And I will be weighing-in next Friday and fully expect some nice results!

So last week was good – I did only make it to the gym three times and I have no good excuse for it. I had/have PMS and honestly just couldn’t muster the motivation.
Mother Nature had other plans for me apparently?

Diet wise – I was good. Still eating vegan and feeling AMAZING (minus the PMS) for it! Today I am making lentils in my crock-pot and will post the pics and recipe tomorrow. I am hoping they are as delicious as the ones Brian and I had at the Indian restaurant a few weeks back!

In other Non-HoLLa Related News:

Brian and I had dinner with my bestie Angela and her sweeter than pie ex-Texan (seriously, everyone I have ever met from Texas is so friggen nice!) hubby James at their house this past Friday evening. Sans kids I might add – all of us; as my friends have two kiddos of their own. How we managed this still baffles the mind but I digress…
The night was perfect!
My friends ROCK – no word of a lie. Dinner was superb and they went out of their way to make sure I had PLENTY of vegan food to eat.
We had a few beers – because that’s what BIG PEOPLE do.
Clear skies for some star gazing – odd *star* movement – potential UFO but that is another post for another time – and no, I wasn’t intoxicated – heh!
Good tunes!
And lotsa laughs!
I can’t speak for our buds – but Brian and I needed that and had a SUPER DUPER time!

Ohhhh and I MUST give my girl Angela a shout out for her brandy-new blog (Welcome to the blog-o-sphere!) --
Angela’s Cauldron. Please check her out and say hello!

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile – Angela is the friend who owns the metaphysical shop where I attend Goddess Group and one of my oldest, dearest, and bestest friends.

Moving along…
So our pool was opened this past week and finally after literally TWO miserable weeks of rain we finally got a break and some wonderful pool weather!

The pool is my sanity. I think I would implode if I didn’t have it as an outlet for months of crappy/cold Rhode Island weather.
Seasons pfffffffffffffft!
Gimme heat and a year round tan and I am happier than a pig in doo-doo!
I am definitely in the wrong climate!

Everyone pulls their load in maintaining the pool – even Skylar. See her skimming the bajillion leaves, tree gunk, and bugs that hit the pool on any given windy day.

I hope you ALL enjoy this wonderful LONG weekend – I know we will/have!



  1. Being in a pool, I am right there with you. To be able to relax and float while the sun beats down on you or after a hard day at work where you can just jump in cool off.

    Whats even nicer... being in the pool at night with your luv!!!

    Thank you for following me!

  2. Thank you for the follow over at Life or Something Like It. I so understand the pool, we have one, and I finally decided to hire someone to keep it clean last year (my hubby's birthday present). It is so worth it, as he was always complaining that it seemed as though the only time he got to get in was to clean it. We get bugs like mad in ours. Takes a good 15-20 min of getting bugs, bees, wasps and flying ants out of it, by that time, even with sunblock, I'm about lobster red! Following back.

  3. I love my pool too. Looks like you are relaxed to the max. I'm following you too!

  4. Hey! I haven't been by in eons plus a day. Love the pool and happy that you are still doing your vegan thing. I started a blog, but am not sure if I'll be keeping it up. I think this link will get you there. Email me at if it doesn't work.

    Miss you and hope to be by more often.


  5. Hey ~ thanks for following me ~ am following you and your blog is lovely ~ love the name and colors ^_^
    Yes, you deserve 'a break' ~ enjoy the weekend

  6. Got your comment on Old Mom New Tricks and am now following you back. Jealous of your pool! Makes me yearn for a backyard version of my own. But, alas, I think a plastic one for my two year old with my feet in it will have to do this year! Thanks for the follow!

  7. Loving the purple! Thanks for following!

  8. My kind of dinner party! Love the pool. Following back from Follow Friday!

  9. Hi returning follow from jollyjillys
    Enjoyed reading this post as I'm trying to lose weight also (without much success lol) so know what it's like.
    Dead jealous of the pool lol
    Nice to meet you


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