Friday, May 20, 2011


Hunter's Junior Prom...
I will let the pictures do the talking as I am in a surreal state of mind trying to come to grips with my baby being at prom!


  1. OMG - He looks like a different person all dressed up. Awesome pics Cyn! And those girls' dresses were great! I am partial to red and that was a beautiful dress!

  2. Aw, great pictures!

    Everyone looks so nice. :)

  3. Thank you Thank you!!!
    He did look nice huh?

    And yeah about the girls dresses -- they made the prom dresses of my day look ridiculous! I lovedddddddddd that dress too Kim -- but actually it was like a melon-salmon-y color. But oh-so-gorgeous!!!

  4. I know the pride you feel. My boys are 16 & 19 - high school & college.
    Here from Follow Friday 40 & over.
    I'm your newest follower.
    ~ Mona : )

  5. My oldest son is 17 and I'm starting to feel a little sick about this whole coming year...his last year of high school. I actually start dry heaving thinking about it.
    I'm so happy to see that you have such joy in celebrating your son's big moments. Of course they are your moments, too, but not getting wrapped up in the bitter sweetness of it all is quite a testimony to what a fantastic mom you are!


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