Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Attributes of a Goddess...

In honor of it being Tuesday...
Goddess Group Tuesday to be exact...

Attributes of a Goddess

A woman in charge of her life

A woman who is comfortable in her own skin

A woman who is at peace with herself

A woman who values herself and her loved ones

A woman who accepts her less than perfect qualities

A woman who is able to communicate her thoughts freely

A woman who gives of herself freely in her romantic relationship

A woman who continues to learn and apply that knowledge in life

A woman who is kind and gives to others because there is so much abundance in the universe

A woman who honors herself and is true to her dreams and desires

A woman who has passion and purpose, no matter what it may be

A woman who shares that passion with others

A woman who believes she can do anything in life that she chooses to

A woman who feels and understands her sexuality

A woman who puts forth her dreams and desires to the universe

A woman who “thinks” happy and because of that is happy

A woman who possess both inner beauty as well as creating the self she chooses to show to the world

A woman who understands her body and acts on medical issues

A woman who takes care of her body, mind and her spirit and makes changes when needed

Are you a Goddess or at least on a path to becoming one?
I am!

*In a side note... I cannot take credit for this, a gal from my Goddess Group posted it on Facebook and I loved it so much that I had to post it myself... so thank you H.

Blessed Be...

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  1. Nice -- I think these are great attributes and definitely stuff that I work on all of the time.

    mimilefay from WW


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