Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mark My Words...

So tonight’s Family Dinner with WW is postponed yet again. Yeah, having two family members (My mom and Brian) who work in retail this time of year is NOT conducive to my plan…
So Tuesday night it is…
And I have a seemingly killer recipe picked out… very fall inspired! YUM-YUM!

I did major cleaning yesterday. Because there are so many of us staying in one relatively small Cape Cod with barely ANY closets (gasp!) we have to store and swap out seasonal clothes.
When the time to swap comes, it is truly an ALL day thing.
So that is how I spent my Saturday.
And of course once things are unpacked, you MUST wash them all because I don’t care what you do, six months in a Rubbermaid bucket is going to cause that *storage smell*.

So while I didn’t get out running, I did count some AP’s for cleaning. I don’t normally and I know some people give themselves AP’s for any and all activity, I just choose not to. It’s a personal choice to only count intentional exercise and I don’t dismiss anyone’s choice to do differently. BUT yesterday I did count AP’s for cleaning because it literally took me ALL day and MANY trips up and down two flights of stairs!

In the course of swapping out clothes I also came across some of my clothing that I packed away when I was pregnant with Skylar. I was around 170 when I got pregnant with her, so I was in a MUCH smaller size than I am now.
I was looking at a pair of jeans and thinking… “Man did my butt actually fit in these?”
They just seemed so tiny?
I almost couldn’t believe that a mere 25lbs in all that stands between me and those tiny only-been-worn-once jeans!
I swear it seems like my arm wouldn’t fit in them… *heh-heh*.
Those tiny jeans are hanging in my closet now… because I will wear them again.

Blessed Be…
♥Cyn ♥

The pic is of Skylar … Little Mz_Cupcake! I love this little dress (well, it was a dress on her once, I use it as a top now with some leggings) --- but anything with cupcakes on it induces ♥ from me!

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  1. Here's to those jeans being worn very soon!

    Happy day to you.


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