Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 73...

Once again something from my Weight Watcher Blog...
I am 93.7% sure I am going to merge the two.
We shall see... but here is my post from WW -- for all the world to see!
*w00t w00t*

Day 73:

I took a much needed day off yesterday.
Meaning, I didn't obsess over WW...
And guess what?
I didn't binge,...
I stayed well within my points...
I just went with the flow...
And life carried on normally.

I am working on being aware and not so obsessed.
Making my intent known to purposely work on that actually!

I am finding out that making your intent known is actually working out WAY better than I ever imagined! Who knew that if you are perfectly clear with what you want that you get exactly what you asked for?
Brilliant concept, huh?

I specifically asked Brian for forty-five minutes for myself to work out today and he responded with "of course".
See how easy that was!
And all this time I have been stressing over how I was going to manage my time and all I had to do was ask!

And you know what else?
There is absolutely NO shame in asking for help.
You aren't weak... you are human and NO ONE can do this alone.

In Non-WW-Related-News:

~~Goddess Group tomorrow night -- YES! I will be there!
~~I began constructing my Book of Shadows yesterday -- and it's more fabulous than I imagined and I am so proud of it.
~~I am contemplating using my account permantly and ditching this blog (I would leave a link to the other blog of course)-- trying to keep on top of two sites is just too much but I like the other site (for blogging) better -- would any of you be willing to link to another site in order to read my babble?

And in one final sad note...
Our dog Buddy died Saturday night. (See previous post... )
He was about twelve (we adopted him in 2003 from a local animal shelter and our vet guesstimated he was about five then.) and in poor shape. Almost entirely blind and deaf and having issues walking. Honestly -- watching him go downhill so fast (literally in a matter of a week) was hard. And there is no real reason, it was just his time. So his passing in a way was a blessing because his quality of life had so diminished.
But he will be missed.
RIP Buddy.

Blessed Be...

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