Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Bewitching Evening: Goddess Style...

Magick was afoot last night…
Did you feel it in the air?

I know I did…
But then again I was out and about with my fellow Goddesses in *witchy* garb, consuming potions to alter the mind, body, and spirit, and devouring hearts; artichoke hearts that is…

We met at a refurbished old farmhouse that now pulls triple duty as a florist/restaurant/gift shop and is so chocked full of ambience and warm energy that it was borderline overwhelming. But I immediately fell in love with the place!
We were seated in a private room with a wood stove and some truly beautiful eclectic art pieces. We ordered our potions (cocktails) and began our friendly banter while perusing the extensive menu.

I am a foodie.
I love food.
I love cooking food.
I love eating food.
I love reading about food.
I love watching programs about food.
To me food is an experience and fascinating for many reasons!
With that being said… I can spend a pretty massive amount of time pouring over a menu – especially one of an establishment I have never frequented.
And this particular place was no exception to that rule -- so please do not even ask me what was discussed because I was too busy reading the mesmerizing tale of crab cakes, smoked salmon, and free range chicken served with Italian herbed potato wedges.

Dinner was superb.
I decided on a salad of delicious mixed greens, marinated artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers, garden fresh tomato, chilled grilled summer squash and onions, and mandarin oranges.
This, my friends, was not your average side salad.
Delicious and filling! I would kill for the recipe of the vegetable marinade but couldn’t convince the chef to even give me a hint.
(Yet she gladly gave up the *secret ingredient* in her New England clam chowder? Must work on Jedi Mind Trick!!!)

I passed on dessert although the flourless chocolate cake with fresh berries and Grenache sounded to DIE FOR!

I did partake on a beer – something I have not had since before I became pregnant with my daughter over two years ago. To say that beer was divine would be a gross misrepresentation on how truly lovely that beer was… because that beer was more lovely than dew on a rose petal on the most perfect of perfect Spring mornings!
And I am not typically a beer drinker – give me a nice glass of wine, Pinot Grigio to be exact, and let’s call it a party!

Last night was truly a wonderful evening.
To someone on the outside looking in it must have appeared to be just an average night out to dinner with friends.
But it was so much more to us…

It was the first gathering of Goddesses outside of our usual comfy domain and a way of making our existence known.
It was a night out amongst friends after a horrible day in divorce court for one Goddess…
It was the first time leaving an infant alone with her Father for another Goddess…
It was a way to unwind after a hellish day at work for a couple of Goddesses…
It was a much needed night out amongst friends and people who accept us for who we are – faults and all for ALL of us Goddesses!

And for me – it was a way to re-enter the world that I have kind of hidden away from for so long because I was so sadly uncomfortable in my own skin.

It was a bewitching time that brought me even closer to my Goddesses, my path, and my true self.
I ♥ my Goddesses.

Blessed Be…
I am in the first pic -- bottom left! I wish you could see the loverly clip I had in my hair. It was a black mini hat with net and long slender black feathers. I recieved so many compliments on that piece! And it had a vintage *witchy* feel to it!


  1. Sounds as if a wonderful time was had by all. Yea to each of you.

  2. Sounds wonderful! You look great, love the purple nails!

  3. Thanks Mia!!!

    Thank you too Michelle -- yeah I am lovin' the purple nails too!


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