Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goddess Goodness...

It's an exciting time to be Pagan...
Especially a Pagan Goddess!

I don't think anyone, no matter what your belief system may be, can deny that there is a special energy in the air during the month of October.
You have to be hollow inside to not feel it...
I love Halloween!
Even before officially labeling myself as Pagan, this has always been a magical time of year for me!

*Happy sigh*

Goddess Group was extra good last night. We didn't do anything too over-the-top. Some psycometry work, chatted about our goal boards, and discussed any manifestions involving the healing candle we did a month or so back.
Also we discussed some upcoming really special things going on.

A field trip!!!
A DRESS UP field trip to a really quaint teahouse/flower shop that is doing some unique things in honor of fall and Halloween. I am not exactly sure what... but something about Oktoberfest was mentioned. I will have to find out more info for sure!
All I do know is that we are meeting at the Shop next Tuesday, heading to this teahouse which is a renovated old farmhouse, and we were instructed to dress *witchy*!
Ohhh and to have our *magickal name* selected.

Magickal names are something that was discussed last Tuesday, which I missed.
But basically it is a name you personally choose that reflects what it is that makes you unique. You can choose something that reflects your hobbies, your astrological sign, a diety that speaks to you, or just something that fully reflects *you*.
It isn't a necessary thing to have but I am a firm believer in doing/choosing/wearing/using whatever makes you feel like your most magickal.

And yes, I have a name chosen; came across it quite quickly and quite accidentally. It is unique, magickal, and the perfect reflection of myself and my life.
I feel a bit odd revealing it here at this time. Nothing personal, just something I feel I should divulge in the prescence of my sister Goddesses first.
But I will share at a later date, promise...

Getting back to our special plans...
We are also planning a dumb supper for November 1st -- The Day of the Dead.
What exactly is a dumb supper you ask?
A dumb supper is a meal you eat in complete silence in honor of the dead. It is served on The Day of the Dead because that is the one day of the year that the veil between the living and the dead is at it's thinnest.

While it sounds bizarre and like it would be impossible to remain silent during a several course dinner (which is served backwards; desert first), from what I hear it is a very profound and riveting experience.

I smile when thinking about our group of giggly, animated, full-of-life Goddesses eating an entire meal without so much as a peep!
It is going to be one interesting evening to say the least.
Plus there is talk of a séance to take place after the dumb supper.

*Delighted grin*

Lisa Williams, reknown medium (Think Lifetime TV -- She had a show on there called "Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead".) is coming to Rhode Island and we are going to see her!!!! I am not exactly sure how she conducts her appearances, but from what I am hearing I believe she speaks casually with the audience and communicates with whatever spirit invokes her. I am ridiculously psyched to see her -- she is amazing!
We got a group discount.
*w00t w00t*
Gotta love that.

My path is something I am very passionate about; added to the fact that these upcoming events are just amazing... and well, this Goddess is all a-flutter!


I will say it again...
It's a great time to be a Pagan Goddess!

Blessed Be...


  1. Blessed be indeed. Sounds like the holidays will be filled with many dreams come true. Love the picture of the kidlet in the purple fairy witch costume. I want one.

  2. Haha -- you want the kidlet or the costume? (I am guessing costume..) Yeah me too... can I be a cute little black and purple witchy fairy?

  3. I too have had a very hard time with binging. Stayed within Points too! I finally had to have the "real" cupcake that I've been craving yesterday. AND it was good. But now that I have had it, I'm good to go. Next time that I want something, I'm just going to "fit" it in rather than try to substitute it. On another note, I would love find a Goddess Group here in South FL - I feel like there is a goddess within me trying to get out. ;-)

  4. Kimberly ~ Oh I know there is a Goddess in us all! And I say all the time how I wish my group was worldwide -- would make the world just that much more of a nicer place! And I LOVE that you had the cupcake... I talk a mean game but I really need to take my own advice more and also EAT THE CUPCAKE & MOVE ON!


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