Thursday, September 8, 2011


Sometimes there just isnt enough time or brain cells in a day.
I have had all these random thoughts about things I wanted to blog about – but I sit down to write and -- *insert creaking crickets* -- I go brain dead?

And even now I have no inkling where this is going – so prepare yourself -- there is a bad case of randomness in the air tonight!

Case in point…
This morning Skylar and I were listening to music -- she is an immense music LOVAH and loves to dance in front of the mirror (she gets that from me) -- and I am perusin' my total RANDOM list of downloaded tunes and I came across this gem and am happy to report that I turned my daughter on to some Wham! today.
And not just any old Wham!
But Everything She Wants by Wham!

My all-time favorite Wham AND George Michael song.
Words cannot express how much I llurve this song.
I got mad, mad, MAD love for this song and it never -- I repeat NEVER -- gets old to me!

And it has to be the *official* extended version – none of that shortened Americanized shit!

I cannot even begin to tell you the mega-crush I had on Mr. Michael!
And I am not talking about leather jacket, ripped jeans, mirrored glasses *Faith* George.

I love the original whispy haired Greek Goddess George of the day-glo *Choose Life* (I had that shirt -- of course) Wham! days!

s w o o n

And yeah I know that now he is a far cry of his once chiseled self – arent we all? But I still love ya Georgie Baby and got your back no matter how many one-hour photos ya plow through!

And how sad is this…

C L O S E D!

Or the fact that I got my daughter all SUPER stoked to return to our local library’s reading group to find out that it starts OCTOBER 5th.

Not quite sure how I pulled off such an epic fail??
Thank goodness she was so happy to be in the library and made friends with another little girl because she never uttered a word about reading group.
Phew – tragedy avoided!

*Pffffffffffft Mommy!*

Moving along…
This weather blows; both figuratively and literally.
I realize summer is over but did fall really have to smack us upside our head’s like this?

My barometer of a bum knee is just hating life right about now. There isn’t enough Ben Gay on the planet to make it feel better and it is really affecting my workouts that I have been SO diligent about this week.

Damn you old age and your many flaws!
At least I am rockin' a purple knee brace.
No really, I am!

Speaking of old...
I feel so dumb when it comes to things like Twitter and Google+...
Well Twitter I am actually grasping enough to tweet here and there and FINALLY noticed that little @Mentions tab and what it does.

"You talking to me???"

Google+ I am struggling through and not really too concerned about it as the only *friends* I have on there are Brian and my bestie Angela and her hubby and they have to love me no matter how technologically challenged I may be!

One final thing cause despite the rumors floating around...
I am a nice person...
Except when you fuck with someone I care about -- then you better hope karma gets you before I do.
Just sayin'...

HaPPy WeeKeNd -- bring on the SANGRIA!


  1. hell yeah! Wham mo! love George and his nameless buddy. I went to George's 25th anniversary tour, so ridiculously amazing. Thanks for the tune, I'm dancing now.

    sorry bout your knee, glad you are wearing a purple knee brace though :)

  2. Don't worry. I was the last kid on my block to get FaceStalkerBook

  3. I used to love George Michael until I found out he was gay, which was long after Wham was famous.

  4. I think I liked George Michael while he was popular, but I wasn't aware that he was in Wham.

    I have the same problem with my mind going blank even though only moments before it was bursting with ideas. I'm slowly learning to jot down the ideas as they come and worry about writing on them later when I have the time.

    Just wanted to stop by and see what you've been up to. If you want, or have the time, stop by my blog and check out the blog hop that I'm co-hosting. So's a first for me :)


  5. Hi! Following you from a blog hop!:0)
    Hope you visit me and return the follow!

    Btw if you like please join the Treasure Trove Tribune! I think you will enjoy it!:0)

    like the pix with the fingers in the mouth!! =^D
    Following from SFS hop

  7. Not so much a Wham! fan (though I do remember them from when I was teeny tiny), but George Michael is too, too delish. Greek + English = great combo.

    Enjoy that sangria.

  8. I love love love Wham!! I am so glad you posted the video and I still new all the words!!!! lol

    I didn't he was gay nor did I care when I did find out. I loved the music.

    I know the weather is a drastic change but I so love this fall weather. I like to curl up and have the windows open to feel the cool breeze.

    Sucks about your knee. Hope it doesnt continue to hinder your exercise routine.



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