Monday, September 5, 2011

HoLLa: Update on Life vol.2

Happy Labor Day Blogdom!

Mine felt like actual labor – thanking you PMS – NOT!
Anywho, let’s not start this post with bitchin’ and talk of female bits– I have plenty time left for that later on in the post… heh!

But at least we got some pool time in as it will be closed on Wednesday – always a sad day for me as I am part fish and sucha summer gal.

So what’s new?

I rejoined Weight Watchers for the 3rd and hopefully final time.
I got all nostalgic with my blog turning the big ONE and started reading back on old posts. It really resonated with me that I was most content on WW and doing SO good. Hell I was even RUNNING a mile or so non-stop!
I bet I couldn’t run 50 feet right now if you held a gun to my head. But I digress…

I let a lot of life stuff get in my way – my shitty ex-job, money stuff, holidays, basic stress – and decided I could do the weight loss thing on my own. Yeah ask me how that worked out?
I have put back on about 13lbs (
out of 22lbslost total) from my lowest point on WW last year – boo hiss!
Heck – I have put 6lbs on in six weeks – which is just wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

So I began to question why I was doing this alone and painfully struggling which leads to frustration and failure???
Brian agreed that I was happier on WW so I bit the bullet, signed the dotted line, and am now a bonabide paying WW Member again.

I need the plan, the tracking, the PointsPlus system, the accountability that comes from weekly weigh-in’s and meetings, and I need the support from my meetings, leader, and the online WW community!
Some of you who read my drivel here are from the WW site – xxoo!

And I am stoked to be back – and I haven’t been stoked about *dieting* in a LONG time! I have my gym membership too – something I have never had on any of my Weight Watcher Journeys – so I can only assume that I will have success. I have always had success on WW – but now I have better tools and I am in such a better place in my mind, body, and soul! (
Thank you admittance and Wellbutrin!)

I put a tab up above to track WW along with a few others – I was bored the other night while everyone slept and snored. I have felt like changing my blog up a bit – not sure what will stay or go yet? Just testing the waters a bit. I mean do I really need more than five tabs?

In really good news:
Goddess Group resumes tomorrow night after summer hiatus!

I need my group, my fellow Goddesses, and our girlie-pow-wow time! Not to mention that I have let my spirtual work REALLY slack and I miss it. (
Also something I realized whilst reflecting through my blog the other night.)
I haven’t lit a candle, said a prayer, casted a spell, or ANYTHING magical for that matter in longer than I can remember – tsk tsk!
I plan on fixing that this week.

So while I am sad to see summer end – fall is bringing some really great things my way!

Oh and one final thing – I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it but I said screw it – it needs to be said!

Apparently saying how you feel and/or using a few carefully placed swear words can cause you to lose followers??
To each their own but sorry, that's lame.
If I stopped reading and/or following every blog that didn't conform to my opinions and everything I believe in I would be one lonely FUCKER (
ooops there goes two more followers) in the blog-o-sphere.
Oh well – love me or leave me – literally!

I love having followers – I mean that’s at least part of the reason why we blog right? And I jumped on the *hop til you drop* bandwagon and that is how I gained probably 80% of my followers. In hindsight – I would have done that differently. I would rather have peeps who WANT to read my blog that just a high number of people who I guarantee most never set an eye on what I post. Granted that goes both ways and if there was some way to remedy that – I would.
Oh well live and learn.

Now I do the hops I really want and only follow blogs I enjoy reading.

You lucky bloggers you… lol!

I suppose the same goes for everyone else?

And ya know -- if I am not your cup of tea, by all means don't read. But hopefully not because we don't share the same opinions.

Ya know what they say about opinions after all...



  1. Great post! Good for you for jumping back on the WW bandwagon, especially if it makes you happier and feel better about yourself. Don't beat yourself up too badly for letting take over and gaining some back. That is just how things go sometimes and I'd bet you would feel worse if instead you had let your familial things fall to the back burner in exchange for your WW ride.

    I can relate to you completely about getting away from being spiritual. I personally tend to be somewhat sporadic about it. Sometimes I'm super spiritual for a few years before breaking away for a bit, other times it only lasts a few weeks. I used to feel guilt with it, but I trust that it's all part of my journey/path and as long as my heart tells me I'm walking in the right direction, I continue. It will let me know when it's time to start practicing again. Trust those instincts....they always lead you best.

    I am a new blogger and I've also been thinking lately about the whole blog hop thing. I too have gained the majority of my followers that way. It's a great way to meet other bloggers and find some really great ones, but I have wondered how many actually pay much attention. They are the ones who come back and comment on more than just the one post leaving their link. There aren't many of those, but I appreciate the ones who do. Losing followers for cussing or because they don't follow the same path as you? Screw them. You share yourself with the world on your blog. The people who resonate with you will follow, they will create a community of like minded people and all will be well.

    I am a new follower and although I did find you through a blog hop, I'm glad that I did. I will continue to follow, read and comment. I hope to hear from you sometime. Take care :)

  2. Fuck em' if they can't take a joke. LMAO. Good luck with WW. I did that once and it worked great.

  3. It sounds like your life is on the right track! WW, Goddess meetings, everything is A-OK. That's so great!

    I wish that I had a Goddess group, because that would be nice. I do enjoy being solitary though, because organized religion isn't for me, but an open-minded group would be lovely. :-)

    I am always so confused when I suddenly lose a few followers. I never get it. But I agree, I think that I have about 20 or so people who actually read all of my posts, and I love those 20 people so much that it really doesn't matter much who else is following. :-)

  4. I think that it is good in looking back on your blog. Things change in how you view things, how you are feeling with yourself and life in general.

    I am glad that going back to WW makes you feel good about yourself. :)
    I think you look awesome already!

    As far as those that leave because of the "blue" words it is there loss.

    You are a cool bitch!! <3

    Abbie - an old bitch!! lol


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