Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stickers, Tattoos, & Tap Dancing...

Hello blog-o-sphere!
**I apologize in advance to all the non-parents (and I am not talking just human babies – if you have a pet who you treat better than some peeps treat their kids – you are a parent!) for what follows and I will fully understand if ya choose not to read the “My Kid Peeped in the Potty” post.***

I feel like I haven’t written on here in forever – if three days is forever? Heh!
I wanted to post this last night but by the time I got home from Goddess Group and the gym and then I wrote a crockpot
recipe feature on my other blog on top of downloading and editing pics. I just didn’t have it in me. But all you bloggers out there know how it is…

And on top of that and the daily grind we (re)started…

Yup… potty training!
Yeah, I am THAT Mom who takes potty pics – but no worries; I didn’t pull a Kate Gosselin (she is so vile
) and take a pic of what was in the potty. No need to document that – seen one, seen ‘em all.

And being half Brian’s child – this kid could look at herself all day in the mirror – seriously – look at the admiration in her eyes… lol! She gets this from him!
Whatever works right? Oh and please don’t mind the mess/laundry basket shot – we actually live in our home and it totally reflects that!
Miss Skylar may kill me in about 10 years but other than that – these photos are relatively harmless.
Well maybe not this one…

We obviously need to work on the not-flashing-your-panties-thing.
That she gets from me – heh!

So obviously we are back to full-on potty training and thankfully it has been going great so far. Only day three but I am sure with with perseverance we will have the potty issue licked in a week or so!

I cannot lie – I totally bribed my daughter into doing her biz in the potty. And my tools of bribery are endless!
I gotta buttload of Yo Gabba Gabba (I go for the jugular) stickers for *rewards* along with these beauties that Brian brought home from work the other day (he works in retail

Yeah I tatted my kid in the name of being diaper-free – don’t judge! I have come to realize that my daughter would do just about ANYTHING for a sticker and/or tattoo!

Then we added the crème de la crème – the promise of tap and ballet class! Saying that was like waving a magic wand (wouldn’t that be nice) because girlfriend did poops in the pot within an hour after that bribe.

Yeah… my bribery knows no shame.
Don’t hate the player – hate the game!

But wait it gets better.
Not only has she done her biz in the potty for the past two days (including this morning as I type feverously trying to bang this post out
) with only two minor accidents and one was because we didn’t get the panties down in time – but she also did her biz THREE times in the PUBLIC RESTROOM at TJMaxx!
She also gets that from me – nothing will hender her shopping experience especially at The Maxx!

And yeah she has pull-ups (which sorry I think totally suck and are such a ploy to spend money
) for nighttime and emergency situations – but other than that – its big girl panty time for Miss Sky!


In all seriousness – I am wicked proud but a little sad. First it’s the potty, then dance class, then it’s school, and then the next thing you know you are making plans to attend *Class Ring Breakfast* for your 15 year old high school sophmore.
True story – Peyton is getting ordering his class ring soon.

So yeah a little bittersweet – my baby is becoming a little girl and while this time is just sooooo much fun and amazing – I want this stage to take it’s sweet time!

Big Girl Panty High-Fives!


  1. Clever wee sausage!

    Love her colourful knickers and awesome ink!

  2. I do just about anything for tattoos too! Lol. Good for Sky!

  3. gabba panties! Those are Nate's favorite, well the boy version.

  4. So Brian also LOVES checking himself out in the mirror. The pic of Skylar watching herself potty was a glimpse into my future :) Go Skylar Go!! Pee Pee in the Potty!! (Doing the dance from Look Who's Talking...ya know what I mean? Get it, get it?)

  5. Yahoo on the potty detail!!

    I love love love that Hello Kitty tattoo! I could so rock that!! Not as good as Skylar but close. My husband shouldn't be the only one with a tattoo in the family :)


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