Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Blog's 1st Birthday!

Seems hard to believe that I have been bloggin' for a year -- but then again it's hard to remember not bloggin'!
C'mon I know we all do things and think *Oh I gotta blog about this*!

At any rate -- Happy B-day to my Blog!
No matter what -- it's always there when I need it and blogdom is a wonderous place!



  1. Yea! Happy Birthday Blog!!!! How exciting. Mine still has some time before I get there but its still fun to look about and think about how it all began right?

  2. Happy Happy Happy BirtDAY! YaY! so glad I metcha!

  3. Congrats on the first birthday..time sure does fly by...where's the cake? :)

  4. Thanks ALL -- yeah, where IS the cake?!?!

  5. Happy Blogversary!!! Next month I'll be heading for 4 years. Old Fart!

    Haul out the champers, gurlfriend! Lets get wasted.

  6. Happy Blog Birthday!!
    I am so glad you started this site I love your blog!!


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