Saturday, September 17, 2011

HoLLa: Update on Life vol. 4

Hello blog-o-sphere!

Well I dunno about the rest of blogdom – but I have had a crazy/wild week. Well that’s how I feel at least. Nothing crazy nor wild has happened – but I feel wiped? Go figure.

I had my weigh-in/meeting today! Down 5.2lbs.
More details on my other
diet blog – check it out if ya want. It’s my place where I let it all out and I can be more than a mommy blogger. Not that I don’t love being one or that there is anything wrong with that so don’t send me mommy hate mail.
Sometimes I wanna toss out an F bomb out there and be a grown-up. Don’t we all?


So apparently my oldest son, Hunter has a girlfriend.

I will refrain from saying anything at this juncture...

Not that I ever think my son would read my blog – they know it exist but being teenage boys – they don’t care. Hence why I have to bribe and threaten them in order to get a photo on here… but I digress.
Yeah girlfriend…

:blank stare:

Moving along…
I wrote about Skylar and her potty-training this week. Well girlfriend has gone the past two days without one accident and told us everytime she had to do her biz. Of course she has a diaper at night – but we will lick that soon enough.

But look at this…

Brandy-new Disney Princess potty seat. All pink and pretty right?
Well look at what it says…

Is that what they are calling it nowadays?

Although I mean c’mon – she is pretty darn cute. But as cute as she is – her poops & peeps are not magical!

Let’s move on shall we?
So the other night I was getting ready to go to the gym and looking for my shoes…
I look over and see this…

Skylar was using my shoes as a *bus* for her American Girl Dolls.
Okay… I admit I got big feet – but a bus??

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misadventures of a chunky goddess

There were other hops I wanted to share but I suck and didn’t get to writing in time… sorry!

With that being said…
I will leave you with these gems.

How can you not love this face and her bigger-than-life personality?
If anyone would have told me at age 41 I would have a two year old – I would have laughed my ass off in their face. Now I cannot imagine our life without her. She is my *Crazy Daisy* as I call her and lord know this child keeps me on my toes – but she also keeps me young and with a zest for life.

Life is good – fall briskness in the air – and I lost 5.2 freakin’ pounds!


  1. Your daughter is a hoot!! Gotta love her :)

    It took me awhile to get used to my son's having a girlfriend. Good luck with the ones that come through:)


  2. I have to admit I'm a wee bit jealous of your 5.2 pounds although I do know it didn't come with out work and sacrifice. Kudos!! And the doll is SUCH a doll! Love the hat and bra pic:o)


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