Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sh*t I Hate Sunday...

I am slackin – but you know I am dying to bitch – so here goes!

Shit I hate…

I hate people who bitch non-stop about work. Ummm its called *work* for a reason and if you hate it so much do something about it. I did and don’t regret it one bit – well my bank account is wicked pissed at me – but what else is new?

I hate getting older. I realize I am not old… but I am getting older and I am noticing *stuff* -- fine wrinkles, gravity hitting and I am not talking about tits and ass – weird places I never thought gravity even had anything to do with. Oh and grey hair – and it blows. I wanna know how this happened because I don’t feel a day over 34!

I hate girls who wear makeup and dress like hoochies at the gym. And I generally don’t mind the hoochie look – as an ex-hoochie and all. But at the gym? Come on – that is just dumb!

I hate when people cannot take a joke – yes there are some things that just arent cool to joke about – but jeesh, life is too short to be pissed off at everything ALL the freakin’ time!

I hate that I finally got twitter kinda figured out and now I am a twithead poking around on there all the time – like I got time for that shit?

I hate that I had a ton of shit I wanted to write about earlier and damn if I can remember any of it now.

And with that I end this – go link up or at least stalk this hot mama!

And when your done pervin’ her – be sure to link up to my first evah blog hop
no more muffin top weekend blog hop on my spanky new diet blog misadventures of a chunky goddess.

misadventures of a chunky goddess

Peace out – oh wait, I hate when people say that.



  1. Oh, you have that weird piece of fat hanging from the back of your knee, too??

  2. I'm only 30 and already am having a problem getting older... I wish the girls would go back to where they belong. :P

  3. Can't stand makeup at the gym! You are going to be sweaty and gross why do that?!

  4. I have never been able to figure out why people get "dressed up" (in a way) for the GYM! YOU SWEAT and SMELL NASTY-who spends time getting ready to do that? people who have nothing better to do-that's who!

  5. BAAA hAAAA omg, this was awesome. Seriously, you dedicated an entire day to bitching about shit you hate...and I LOVE IT!!! YES!!!!! Makeup and hair to the gym makes me wanna punch them, seriously, drives me crazy. I <3 you!

  6. Now, see, if I bothered to go to a gym, maybe I'd notice those chicas all hooched out. But. I. Don't. And I agree about the twat box. That's why I stay away from the Twitter. I got so up in it, I needed an intervention. Sorta.


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