Saturday, September 10, 2011

HoLLa: Update on Life vol.3

Happy Saturday Blogdom!

Well I dunno about the rest of the planet but I am feeling super chipper today! The sun is out – finally -- and my knee isn’t a throbbing ball of arthritic (I hate that I have that word in my life) hell.

Does the *I can squat and stoop again without screaming in agony* dance!

So I have been a busy bee the past few days…
I have mentioned the sense of clarity I have had since Wellbutrin entered my little world. And no it’s not a miracle cure – it just helps me not feel so overwhelmed with EVERYTHING. I can focus and actually be productive without feeling like I cant cope.
But I digress…

Anywho, part of my clarity has been acknowledging and weeding out toxic shit in my life. Hence quitting my shitty job and recently deleting every shit-stirring biznotch and blatant asswipe I know off every contact list and/or social media thingy-ma-bob I know.
So if you are truly stalking and reading this and realized I deleted ya off facebook – guess the cat is outta the bag in regards to what I truly think of your ass.. heh!

And ya know what – if feels good not having that negativity looming.
And that is all I have to say about that as I know damn well that energy I devote to this only fuels their energy and trust me – these fools don’t need fuel.
So moving along…

In my clean sweep I also deleted my old biz stuff – it wasn’t going where I wanted and had some negative energy fo sho’ surrounding it. So it had to go.
But no worries – I got other stuff in the mix and I have not given up the dream totally.

I also have been completetly dedicated to getting back on Weight Watchers and hitting the gym this week. Successfully I might add! I even created another separate blog to solely track weight/diet/health/fitness stuff.
It’s more for me than anything – but c’mon we all know I love bloggin’ – so it’s truly not putting me out. And I really feel like having one more source of accountability can only help because by golly I wanna do this shit already!

Wanna check it out? Well, then click my button below! :smirk:

misadventures of a chunky goddess

What? Like I am not chunky or a goddess?
:blink blink:
And if ya wanna follow along that would be super-spiffy!

I am pretty much in love with my new blog – almost as much as this blog – but nothing will ever replace this baby!
Enough blatant self-promotion…

So yesterday Bri, Sky and I (that rhymes – ha!) went to Wal-Mart to buy the essentials…
• Diapers
• Tampons
• Milk
• Yogurt
• Hummus
• Crystal light
• Coffee

I know most peeps dog Wally World but I have to tell ya – other than the fact that it is virtually impossibly to leave there without spending AT LEAST fitty bucks – I heart you Wal-Mart!

I mean c’mon – where else can you let your kid ride like three bikes and a Disney Princess Jeep without one salesperson batting an eye or giving a frig?

Miss Sky will be getting a bike this spring – can ya believe she is only two and totally surpassed the tricycle and gravitated right to the *big girl* two-wheeled training bike?
I mean who wouldn’t when your choices are kickass Hello Kitty, Barbie, or Princess’????

Her Daddy rocks – he *rode* her all over the toy aisles with three bikes AND a Jeep!

Lovin’ a Jeep just like her Daddy!

Then we hit the Wally World Arcade – which equates a tiny corner at the front of the store designed to suck up every dollar bill and/or quarter you own.

Every girl should ride a life-sized Pumba that plays *Hakuna Matata* -- just sayin’!

(How many of ya will be partaking in the re-release of The Lion King in 3D?)

And the crème de la crème – massage chairs.
Daddy gets a much needed massage and Sky rests her weary tush!

Then last night Skylar asked to wear my dress for the first time ever – that was one of my most favorite things to do as a kid – as this was WAY before they made *dress-up* clothes like they do now. I had to pretend I was Cinderella in my Mother’s old 70’s inspired polyester crap thank you very much…
But I digress…
Here she is – lovely aye?

Here I am… (take a month or so ago)not-quite-as-cute.

Let’s go back to her!

So stinkin’ cute!

Well there ya have it…
All that is fit to be told or at least blogged!

This shall be a weekend of relaxation – minus some gym time and a nail fill that is!
Happy! Happy!


Oh yeah – anyone ever seen a hop that is dedicated solely to diet/fitness/health blogs? Just curious…


  1. I love walmart too. I don't know why people say stupid things to me when I say I shop there. Most people tell me they are too good to shop at walmart. not me though. I practically live there. I'm not loaded with cash, so it helps us survive at least.
    She would love that bike. Looks like she has got a hold grasp on riding it!

  2. Hello! I am following from the Spicey Weekend Hop. Please feel free to follow me at Horseshoes and to drop by anytime.


  3. I used to work at walmart, so I have a good reason to hate it, but I still shop there. Lol

  4. I so agree with you that Wally World is one of those places you cannot get out of without spending a little cash! LOL... Hi! Trying to catch up on my Friday Blog Hops! Follow back @ and/or on facebook @

  5. Getting rid of people and negativity makes you feel 100 pounds lighter!

  6. Wow! Sounds like you're doing great now that you've cleaned out some negativity, huh? I'm not a big Wal-Mart fan, but I have to agree with you that it's about the only place you can do whatever you like and get away with it. Glad to find you again!

  7. hi, new follower from the weekend gathering hop! great stuff!

  8. Finally got to my Sunday Blog Hops! LOL.... Hope you had a good day! BTW..I am starting a giveaway and making visiting your page one of the chances to help them win a gift card to Olive Garden! Hope that helps drive some traffic your way!


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