Wednesday, September 21, 2011

boo-boo's, crock pot crap & pouts!

Hello blog-o-sphere!
Oy vey…
Ever have one-of-those-days?
Well yesterday was one-of-those-days…
It wasn’t a bad day – I refuse to have bad days anymore. It was just an off day!

It started off really good…
Coolness in the air so Skylar got to wear some new *fall-ish* duds – love this little outfit – from Target and wicked cheap! She looks so Parisian, no? Just missing the beret.

(this is me channeling my daughter into my inner carrie bradshaw – shhh!)

All was going well and whilst preparing the crock pot dish from hell for my
ROCK OUT with your CROCK OUT feature on that other blog I write.
No really it is the worst recipe ever and was a disaster… ugh!
But I digress…

Anywho… I am in the kitchen preparing the crock pot dish from hell and I hear a cry out and then major tears. I go walking into the living room and Skylar has clocked herself on the stair bannister…
It ultimately resulted in this…

(yeah she is pretty pissed & distraught as you can see – this is her infamous pouty face too.)

Her first major boo-boo and the center of our universe for the remainder of the day. If the subject was even breeched she would cry – so obviously traumatized. I felt so bad for her.
She has a nice lump – even a little worse today. It’s weird to look at her – she looks different even. Kinda freaks me out – but it could have been SO much worse!
Needless to say we are getting padding for the bottom of that bannister as this is the second
(and worst) time she has gotten hurt on that flippin’ thing!

The good news is that the day ended on a high note!
Skylar got a new Jasmine dress-up costume.
My mom spoils her rotten but oh my gosh this thing is cute huh?

(she loves dress-up, as do most little girls)

And she has been doing PHENOMENAL with the potty-training! It is amazing what stickers can do… heh! She only wears a pull-up at night and when she is out (shopping, etc.) for emergencies. I worry that she will be in the car and *hafta go*.
The only pitfall of potty-training is this…

(miss thang has no diaper to hold her pants up and well, she has been dropping trou all week!)

Also good…
I had Goddess Group last night and it was great. We have just been chatting about this and that – there are so many diversified ladies in the group with all different beliefs and such – so the conversations are always just awesome. Especially if you are open-minded for the paranormal and metaphysical.
Which I so am.
Maybe one day I will write about the ghost in my house.
Oh yes – we have a ghost – I have seen him!

AND… I am a weiner & got my prizes yesterday in the mail!
Thank you Sensual Ride!

(check out her amazing blog of all things sexy, erotic, and cool!)

My goodies…

(that’s right –!!)

So my off day ended with a bang!
(groannnn – bad joke I know!)

But today is a new day – and thus far no boo-boo’s, crock pot crap, or pouts!



  1. Baby butt crack in the only kind that's acceptable. Lol

  2. Your little Jasmine plays dress up so well! Her little bump looks bad but glad she wasn't hurt any worse.

    Here is hoping for an uneventful day!!

  3. OMG!! That pouty face! Love the baby butt crack. I think it's hilarious! However, when she gets older, you'll need to teach her that a whale's tail is never attractive. :P

  4. butt crack = awesome hilariousness!

  5. ok the baby plumber made me laugh!

    congrats on winning-I have to tell you that my husbands grandmother is a PRUDE to the nth degree and we totally got her the sex bible for women as a gag gift last Christmas-but of course put that it was from Santa so she didn't know who to blame-I can't even BEGIN to describe her face! and then the sounds of disapprovement she made and the faces she made when his grandfather proceeded to open it up and look at it! best present ever :)

  6. Seeing her little pout face made me do one too :(

    What a horrible sound that must have been to hear. I am glad that she enjoyed her present from her grandmother. Dress up is always fun.

    She is absolutely adorable :)

    Congrats on the potty training!!

  7. Sorry about her bump, but your kiddo's pout face is A D O R A B L E!
    Love reading your blog!


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