Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sh*t I Hate Sunday...

Hello blog-o-sphere!
Another awesome edition of Shit I hate Sunday…

Because sometimes it just feels really good to moan & groan!

So let’s get to it…
Shit I hate…

I hate that I have to watch every morsel of food that goes into my mouth and sweat my balls off at the gym – why cant I be a skinny bitch that eats 9,000 calories a day and never gains an ounce? Or even better – those peeps who actually consume weight gainer! And yeah, yeah, yeah – I know everyone has their own battle – but trust me, it’s way more fun putting weight on than taking it off!

I hate that I have put a bazillion applications/resumes out there and have not had one bite and now I am second guessing my brilliant choice to leave the mind-f**king ex-job when I know damn well that was the best decision! The thought of regretting that choice burns my ass!

I hate this economy and the fact that three years later we aren’t much better off than when we lost everything (business, house, car – it was ugly!). Seriously! Yeah Brian finally has a better position but it’s still a shitty job where he is highly underpaid. And he is friggen happy to have the job because Rhode Island has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country! Something has got to give, right???

I hate the insomnia that comes with my happy pills (Wellbutrin). So I am up until 2am most nights (not even being productive unless you call surfin’ the net or playing SIMS is productive?) and up at 6am the next morning. I hit the wall at around 5pm but yet when I finally get the little miss to bed I am wide awake? It’s a wicked vicious cycle and lasts until I finally just crash and burn like I did last night! But I would rather have all of this than be the cloudy sad/mad gal who was constantly in a funk that I was before.

I hate that a good portion of the world is a cookie-cutter version of one another where status is more important than ANYTHING.

There ya have it… be sure to link up, fess up, and feel better!
I know I do!


  1. I am with you on the eating part. It is a lot better to pile it on than taking it off.

    The economy sucks a big one and I don't see it getting any better any time soon.

    I guess I don't have to do my shit list. You covered almost everything except I haven't started dieting. But if and when I do that is right at the top of the list!! lol


  2. I hate all that stuff too! You'll find the perfect job soon, hang in there! If those losers who are getting your resume aren't calling's their loss and their stupid heads!

  3. Things will get better and eventually you will get a call and they will be so stoked to work with you!! Good luck.


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