Saturday, December 18, 2010

30 Days of Blogging: Day Twenty-Six

Day 26 - What you think about your friends

Friends and friendship are two things I think I have taken for granted in the past.
I have always had them and in abundance.
But I think as you get older and your path in life veers and changes you begin to realize what true friends and friendships are really about.
While my friends and friendship have decreased greatly in numbers – the quality is exceptional as I know these few true friends will ALWAYS have my back no matter what!!!
I would be lost without these women who keep me centered!
Keep me in check…
And keep me REAL!
For that and them I am eternally grateful!

I ♥ you Angela…
And Liisa!

(And to my three lifelong friends Steph, Marie, and Lisa -- I may have lost touch; but you are in my heart!)

Blessed Be...

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