Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Festivities...

Last night was our family (girls only) Cookie Swap!
For those unfamiliar with how a cookie swap works there are a BAJILLION sites out there on them now – my family has been doing them since the 1980’s!
Only we nixed the cookies a few years back due to restricted diets, schedules, and for other reaons I am honestly not sure of. As a die-hard Weight Watcher gal on a quest to get to my goal weight I should be happy – but I miss the actual cookie swap.
Now it is just a get-together and gift swap with munchies and the likes.
And a nice way for all the women in my family and extended lifelong family friends to get together and celebrate the season.
Last night was no exception even being minus a few gals!

*Note: these photos are brought to you courtesy of my brandy-new camera that I got yesterday from Brian as a early Xmas gift -- a Nikon L110 that is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!*

i ♥ you brian

Skylar and Mommy leaving for the party -- she was SO excited to be going out at *dark time* and to be going to her first Holiday Party!!!

Skylar and her Grammy... my Mom!


Skylar LOVES snowmen!!!

The prettiest girl at the party...

The center of attention -- but who can resist her?!?!

Our angel who makes us so very proud...

Blessed Be...


  1. She is so adorable and looks like grammy too.

  2. Ahhh usually everyone thinks she looks like Brian -- my Mom will love that you think that ... hehe!


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