Wednesday, December 29, 2010

She Speaks...

Day 152

So I survived Christmas…
Thus far at least!
I do admit to exhaustion though – so much so that I actually chose to miss Goddess Group last night. I had a headache that would kill a yak! Plus I just wanted to be home with my family. It was the first night ALL of us were home since before Thanksgiving!
I think I/we as a family need a week (at least!) to recoup from the hustle of the holidays!
I know I do and I know Skylar does – she is so outta sorts and off-schedule that she has taken to whining; something she has never done before.
I suppose it could just be a stage too? Either way, I think she needs to be readjusted to her old schedule and have some more structure again.

Weight Watchers wise – I have good days (yesterday) and bad days (the entire prior week) – heh-heh!
But I am making the choice to let the past stay in the past and move forward. I have weigh-in and my meeting on Friday and I fully admit to preparing myself for a significant gain (I am thinking maybe like 5lbs –gasp!).
But it is what it is…
And I am ready to get back on track and DO THIS already!
I haven’t walked in MONTHS – well, other than the random day here and there that I walk out of sheer guilt. But to say I walk in a routine like I did back in August –October --- Ummmm no I do not.
But I want to again!
My expensive walking shoes are missing me – plus I got some AWESOME outdoor gear to keep me warm whilst walking.

Work wise…
I do still have a job – yay!
Not a lot of hours but a job at least and I kinda feel like the hours thing will change. Slow time of year and I just need to hold tight until the spring – I can do that!
I love my job and working there again!

I am going to make a conscious effort to try and write more. This blog is my sanctuary and I need to utilize it more!
I miss writing…

The day begins and I have a bazillion things to do!

Blessed Be…

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  1. Love this post and fully understand about needing some fallow time. I'm with you on that and wish I could get some.


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