Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So What Wednesday...


--We live in a spoiled society that has taught us if we throw a big enough hissy fit we WILL get what we want – it is the HOLIDAY SEASON and people should stop and think about what that truly means before making a GINORMOUS scene in the middle of a store over having to wait a few extra minutes or having an item out of stock.

--They charge out the butt for pictures with Santa – hearing my precious little girl tell Santa she wants a La La Loopsy, toys, and books and having a pic to commemorate it all is absolutely priceless!

--I am on Weight Watchers and still a decent distance from my goal – I had FOUR cinnamon breadsticks today and they were like HEAVEN in my mouth. And no... one wasn't enough, nor was two, or even three -- somehow I would only be satisfied by FOUR! Thank you very much Mr. PMS! (Yeah… hello 15 pts for those – ouch!)

--I found out my 16 year old son has a girlfriend via Facebook – apparently this is normal and honestly this girl is influencing my son in positive ways!

--It’s December 1st and my Christmas cards are ordered, addressed, stamped, in the mail, and on their way to my friends and family! I like being the first one to get her photo card out thus setting the bar HIGH! *heh*

--If I wear a scarf every single day – I LOVE them and consider them an accessory and NOT just a means to keep ones neck warm!

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  1. I love that you wear a scarf every day! that is awesome


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