Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dumb Supper & Seance'

November 1, 2010 we celebrated the Day of the Dead by having a Dumb Supper and subsequent seance'. The pictures that follow chronicle this evening.

I took about 75-100 pictures during this event. Most at random in hopes of catching spirits (which show up as orbs on film). The pictures with orbs I will show a cropped version so that the orbs can be see plainly and to protect the privacy of my fellow Goddesses and friends who were in attendance.

Several pictures are just amazing...
But you be the judge...
And let me know what you think!

A wickedly wonderful evening -- thank you to my dear friends and fellow Goddesses!

Blessed Be...



  1. These are great pictures! Once my dad took me to a battlefield and started snapping pictures of random places. When we got the pictures downloaded, there were orbs all over the place. I don't know what I believe, but it was pretty hard to explain if you don't believe in spirits.

  2. Some people believe orbs on film are nothing more than reflection of light or dust particles -- and maybe in some cases they are. But some pictures are just too undeniable -- and while I am not psychic per say, I am definitely open-minded and a believer and I believe spirits make themselves more *known* to those who they think will see them or at least sense their presence. I definitely felt something that night -- a heavy feeling, but not bad, if that makes any sense? And I wasn't the only one -- I think something/someone(s) were trying to communicate with us. Thanks for commenting -- I would LOVE to photograph an old battlefield -- they have some of the best paranormal activity around!!!

  3. Wow, some of the pics just making you really wonder. LIke the 15th up from the bottom, I swear it looks like a tiger to me.

  4. Thank you for being open to sharing your life with us! I don't know how to find a local goddess group. If you could give some tips, that would be appreciated. The pics are great - I think I can tell that there was some conversing going on at the "dumb supper"

  5. Kallen -- it does kinda look like a tiger huh? Thats so bizarre!

    Kimberly~ My advice in finding a Goddess Group or something like it would be to check out some local shops that specialize in The Craft or Pagan tools (herbs, incense, books, crystals, etc.) because that is where my group is held. I am lucky that the owner of the shop is my oldest and dearest friend! And LOL @ conversing during The Dumb Supper! I wasn't allowed to take pics during the actual dinner as it is considered rude to the ancestors whom we are trying to honor. Those pics were taken after the courses were served -- although I do see a couple people having seconds (or thirds?)... haha!


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