Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pillow Pets...

Skylar is in awe of two toys...
One is LaLa Loopsy (a doll which Santa will be bringing her -- shhhh!)...
And the other is Pillow Pets.

She LOVES Pillow Pets.
So much so that she has been carrying around a portion of a sale paper that came this past Sunday.
She has even been kissing the ad...
So, we decided she might need to get a Pillow Pet before Christmas.
And who knows... maybe Santa will bring her another as she is also partial to the dog Pillow Pet.

All I know is that the look on her face when we bought the Pillow Pet was priceless; by far the best $20.00 I have spent in a LONG time!


  1. OMG!! That is too cute! She looks very happy with her pillow pet.

  2. She was so stinkin' happy over that silly Pillow Pet... she kept saying over and over *My pet! My pet! My pet!* -- SERIOUSLY the best $20 I have spent in EONS!


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