Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So What Wednesday...


• I miss my family terribly when I am at work – I have been home since my daughter was born 17 months ago and this is a HUGE adjustment for us all; me especially.
• It’s been a week since I haven written a blog – life was just TOO crazy to blog this past weekend!
• I am obsessed with nonfat sugar free frozen yogurt! There is a place nearby that offers a soft serve version that is to DIE FOR and only 2 points per cup! I indulge at least once a week and I don’t apologize for it!
• I gained 1.6 lbs last week – it happens. And no… it’s not the frozen yogurt’s fault.
• I know the words to every Yo Gabba Gabba song – it makes my daughter smile and laugh when I sing along. (I also know Dora, Sesame Street, and The Wonder Pets -– but sorry no, I don’t do parties!)
• I work in retail photography and have absolutely NO desire to subject my family to holiday picture torture. I will take a nice candid family shot for our holiday cards and maybe consider professional pics in January when NO ONE cares about portraits!
• My idea of the perfect day is spent at our local library with my daughter and getting her a Pillow Pet!
•Ancient Aliens on The History Channel is my new favorite show and I TOTALLY believe everything they tell me!

What are you saying SO WHAT to?
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Blessed Be…

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