Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sweet Sixteen...

Hunter Turns Sixteen!

Hunter, my firstborn child and oldest son, turned 16 today. I am so proud of my son... but just cannot believe he is SIXTEEN! I honestly do not know where the past 16 years went...?

Hunter's birthday weekend started Friday night with a *friends* party... Halloween and some trick-or-treating on Sunday night, and cummulating tonight with a *family* party and dinner.

I say this all the time... but I am truly blessed.
Blessed Be...


  1. These are great pictures! I wish I remembered to take pictures of all the great moments like this. I never remember, but I know someday I would love to look back on all my memories!

  2. Thanks Michelle! Trust me -- getting my teenage sons to allow me to take pics like this is a feat in a half -- hence why you see so much more of Skylar than them. Hunter was APPALLED that I took those few pics with his friends or *gasp* the ones on Halloween! This from a kid who dreams of packing his bags and moving to L.A. to be a rock star!?!?! HA! Hey... and no time like the present -- start chronicling now! Especially with your wedding coming up and such!!! :)


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