Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So What Wednesday...


• In lieu of spending hours buying, prepping, cooking, and serving a lavish Thanksgiving dinner we are going out for dinner!!! *w00ts*
• I took 73 pictures of my daughter at the park yesterday.
• OR that I have filled five photo albums that hold 400 pictures each in the past 17 months. I have two teenage sons – I KNOW how fast the years go and I want to document and remember every second of her little life forever!
• If they have the best sales on Black Friday – I will be NO WHERE near a store, mall, or shopping center!
• We are breaking family tradition and putting up the Christmas tree the night before Thanksgiving (TONIGHT!!!) instead of the night after – we all work in retail; need I say more?
• If I am making my entire family dress in coordinating colors for Thanksgiving so when pictures are taken we look uniform and I am hoping one will be perfect enough to make Christmas cards from – as there is NO WAY in heck I am bringing my family anywhere near the portrait studio I work at anytime before Xmas – I love them way too much for that!
• A three-pack of Stride gum only costs $2.88 – Walmart didn’t put it in my bags and I will go in and complain and get my gum – dangit!
• Xmas is a month away and I haven’t wrapped one gift and still have a significant amount of shopping to do. I am usually done or just about done by this point but this year it just wasn’t happening!
• I used to be a smoker – I am no longer one (for a long time now) and hate that I ever was! Your smelly habit is unhealthy, digusting and you cannot smoke anywhere around me or my family – end of story!
• We don’t believe in the same things – I still love and accept everyone who is kind to me and mine and only want the same in return.
• You have no issue in leaving your baby for 8-10 hours a day every day – I hate leaving mine and am having a really hard time adjusting to not being here with her.
• You think I looked better as a redhead and feel compelled to tell me every single time you see me – I LOVED being a redhead but am having a BLAST being my natural brunette self!
• I drink too much coffee – I have cut down tremedously and it’s the only *vice* I have left!

What are you saying SO WHAT to?
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Blessed Be…

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