Friday, November 19, 2010

Plateau BUSTED!

Day 112

Since the end of September I have been losing and regaining the same two freakin' pounds!
But today...

FINALLY -- I broke through!

I literally wanted to do cartwheels right there in the middle of my Weight Watcher meeting!
I earned the 2.2 lbs I lost today!
And despite it all I have remained OP (On Plan) and didn't give up!
*w00ts* to me for not letting the frustration ruin my hard work!

I feel in control again!

This is a pic I JUST took of Skylar -- she is reading my Weight Watcher pamphlet I recieved at my meeting today -- *heh*! I swear my little girl will read ANYTHING!

And don't ya just love her in the midst of a BAJILLION toys...
She is a riot!

Blessed Be...

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