Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So What Wednesday...

I found this idea on another blog (Life After I *Dew*) I read -- a totally FABU blog I might add.
This gal *Mama Dew* hosts a weekly meme called: *So What Wednesday* and while I am relatively new to her blog, these particular posts always make me laugh out loud! She ROCKS – simple as that!

What follows are like confessions of the mind, body, and soul – and I think admitting our faults, quirks, and idiosyncrasies is highly therapeutic! Give it a whirl… ya might feel better?

So without further adieu...


• I realize I am *that Mom* -- the one who posts every little movement, achievement, event that happens to my children on every medium possible! No really – nowhere is safe! And I use the guise that I am *really into photography* as my excuse. Truth is – I am just showing off!
• I could live on popcorn and coffee.
• I use Brian’s *MAN* deodorant all the time and don’t know why? I have my own and it works just fine – but I am obviously too lazy to reach that extra inch to get my own?
• Brian is the ONLY man in my entire life (other than medical personnel) that knows my actual weight. The fact that he doesn’t run off screaming amazes me daily!
• I am getting old – I couldn’t even finish a glass of wine last night without feeling drowsy – it was 10pm!
• I secretly LOVE Adam Lambert – or Glambert as I affectionately call him. I think he would make the perfect gay boyfriend!
• It bothers me that sometimes you have to be *nice* to people you don’t really like.
• I still own a dress I bought in 1991. Granted it’s a classic basic black tank dress I paid A LOT of money for but I am thinking owning almost 20 year old clothing is bizarre!
• I still sometimes have a hard time wrapping my head the fact that I turned forty, my daughter turned one, and my oldest son turned sixteen all in the same year – this year!
• You put “LOL” at the end of a sentence -- doesn’t mean you can say anything you want!
• I am itching to see that movie “Hereafter”.
• I believe charity starts at home – take care of yourself, your children, your family, your loved ones, and your life – anything left over is up for grabs!
• I am scared to leave my daughter on Friday when I *officially* go back to work. Seventeen months of basically being with her non-stop – this is going to be much harder for me than her! I hope I don’t walk out of the new job sobbing…
• I firmly believe the truth will set you free…

That was fun!

Blessed Be…


  1. Thanks for linking up! I too am addicted to popcorn as of late! YUM!

  2. Hiya & thanks for stopping by! ♥Cyn♥


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