Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Dream Tattoo

So I have been having this conversation with a friend (Vicki) on the Weight Watcher site about tattoos. Basically along the lines of wanting to reward ourselves with a tattoo when we hit our respective goal weights, what we would choose, etc. and so forth.

So when asked what I would get…
Without a second thought I knew I would get something in regards to peacocks; which I LOVE!
I love their feathers, their colors, their regality, and of course they represent pride – which completely resonates with hitting ANY goal – especially a weight loss goal.
So with that being said… these are some images of peacocks and peacock feather tattoos that I found.
I am more drawn to the feathers as far as design…
The hip, back, or side region for placement…

Or even the top of the foot as I think the proper tattoo there is uber sexy!
And I am thinking I would want something decent sized – but don’t ask me specific measurements just yet.
Let me know what you think?

This one is my favorite -- I love the colors in the actual feathers and the way the design flows!

This is amazing -- I love tattoos on the tops of feet!

GORGEOUS colors -- love it!

LOVE this one too -- something unique and flowy about it as well, and the colors are vibrant and FABULOUS!

Tramp Stamp -- heh!

Okay so obviously this isn't a peacock tattoo -- but c'mon! It's a CUPCAKE and this so obviously fabulous woman is also wearing a purple shoe! I am betting this foot belongs to my long-lost twin whom I was separated from at birth!
Blessed Be...


  1. Testing...

    Praying this works?!?!

  2. Okay -- think I have this issue fixed although I am not loving the format to leave comments and my sincere apologies for any inconviences! BUT... at least comments can be left now! *w00ts* ~xxoo~

  3. Oh, wow! Those are some fabulous tattoos!!! When are you getting yours?????

  4. Well...
    I was thinking as a reward for hitting my goal weight -- which I am still like 30lbs from. SO... whenever that happens (hopefully by summer).

    But I have other tatts I want -- so maybe for my bday in April?

    You itching for some ink too?
    Ange mentioned having a tattoo party again -- I just want someone who does the style of artwork I like and I want some real vintage looking ink done!

    Happy B-day Kim!!!

  5. Wow, love the peacock ideas! Working on a sleeve plan & that may fit right in! Where do you want yours?

  6. Peacocker Tattoo is completely cool.

    I like the foot tattoos but I would bet that those would hurt something special, my goodness.

    those purple heals are amazing.

  7. Those are SOME pictures! Have a beautiful day :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  8. I LOOOOVE the peacock tat's. Absolutely love them. My dad used to have peacocks run wild in his backyard and he would save the feathers and decorate the house with them. Their natural beauty is just incredible! Have you ever seen an all white peacock? Another piece of beauty :)

  9. The colors in these tattoos are gorgeous! Really great collection of photos ;)

  10. I love the peacock on the sholder...and the fether on the foot has some pretty cool colors!

  11. I friggin' LOVE the cupcake tattoo!!! That is AWESOME! The foot tattoos are pretty spectacular too - very cool!

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