Monday, February 7, 2011

Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust...

Just a little update on what’s happenin’ in my neck of the woods.

We saw the sun today – you know that bright yellow orb in the sky that has been MIA since Christmas?
And can I just say – marvelous to see you again sun!
Maybe that groundhog was on to something – six more weeks until Spring -- and I can just pretend I didn’t hear that vicious rumor that another snowstorm was heading our way this week.
As long as it waits until after Tuesday night so we can have Goddess Group after a month long hiatus – I will be happy!

In other news: I have been an eating machine lately.
I try so hard and did relatively well during the holidays only to toss all my hard work to the wayside in January? Senseless I tell you – and every single morning I wake up with the thought that *today is the day* -- the day I get back on track.
And it doesn’t help that I noticed my running shoes that have been hibernating under my bed poking out and eyeballing me disapprovingly yesterday morning.
Up until that moment; if someone had asked me where they were I wouldn’t have known.
Tsk tsk!
Maybe writing these words is the catalyst I need?


The photog biz is coming along – I still have a ways to go with getting everything set up, but I am hoping come Spring I will start shooting some outdoors sessions. I have had a couple of inquiries so progress is being made and I am super stoked about the whole prospect!
I want this so badly…

Work at The Studio has been great! I love being back in that element again – even if it is chaotic at times. I rather enjoy the chaos and love the gals I work with!

The kids are good…
Although I suspect Skylar is hitting the *terrible twos* a wee bit early. She has been so sassy lately and fully stressing her independence and need to communicate her feelings.
I suppose it’s a normal for someone her age – but I guess I forgot how they go from being this sweet clingy baby to a little being with opinions, wants, and needs that they have no qualms expressing in any fashion they deem fit.
I fully admit to getting frustrated at times but overall she is an amazingly exceptional baby and just so smart!
I am proud that my 19 month old daughter is speaking in sentences and able to express herself so well; albeit with a foot stomp and a whiney pout at times.
And when the temper tantrums really start to wear me down I just tag team Daddy in and let him take over for a bit!

Who in their right mind could stay frustrated at those baby blues and sweet blonde tendrils?

Overall life is pretty good.
I wish finances were better – won’t even lie about that – and I have been doing some spellwork to remedy that in regards to basic prosperity, door opening, and creativity candle magick and spells.
I see manifestations – not always the way we expected – but results nonetheless.
I just must remain diligent and keep the faith!

What is that cute little saying?
*All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust.*
I like that…

And am I too hold to have that on my bedroom wall?

Blessed Be…

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