Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So What Wednesday...


• I am counting the days (46!!!) until Spring – I just operate better in WAY less snow and WAY more sunshine!
• I am 40, soon to be 41; I am seriously considering going back to school in the fall!
• I am just NOW coming around and discovering that all the hub-bub about Uggs (okay mine are knock-offs – but nice knock-offs) is completely true – they are just so dang comfy and have become my standard shoe – even for work! YES I, the stiletto chick am now wearing Uggs to work!

I think that’s all I got?

What are you saying SO WHAT to?
Let us know… join the fun on Shannon's page --
Life After I "Dew"!

Blessed Be…


  1. I have a spring countdown widget on my blog. :P I just can't wait for green and flowers, warmer weather and cool breezes.

    I have ugg-like boots and I wear them everyday.

  2. As I live on the coast, today is cold, yet sunny. My favorite kind of day! I can honestly say I've never worn Uggs, or Ugg-like boots, but my sister swears by them. They're her house slippers now as she's worn them so much!

  3. I too am counting down the days till spring! that damn groundhog better have been right today!

  4. I am obsessed with the Uggs/Rip-offs -- they ARE like house slippers!

    And hey Shannon! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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