Monday, February 21, 2011

30 MORE Days of Blogging -- Day 29

Day 29 - Hopes, dreams, and plans for the future

• Join a gym and finally hit my goal weight this year
• Get my new camera and get my business in full swing
• MOVE!!!!
• Spend quality time with my kids – especially my two teenage sons – I am sure they will be overjoyed by this -- *heh*
• Do a makeover on myself – I miss being a stylish woman who turns heads!
• Find the perfect playgroup/daycare for my daughter. She needs some *kid time* with other kids and I need to work more.
• Have *date night* once a month with Brian!
• Hang out with my girlfriends more – I feel like I have lost that connection with my girls and I miss it!
• Keep what is REALLY important in life as my main focus – a new house, business, hairdo, and thinner body are great – but my loved ones and quality time with them is what I want the most!

Blessed Be…

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