Thursday, February 24, 2011

Now I Know What a Kick to the Groin Feels Like...

When I started this blog months back – the one thing I wanted to document was my progress into a more positive way of thinking and living.
I have lived in the negative for too long and I refuse to reside there ANY longer.
Because of that -- I do not use this blog to trash others – ever.
I may put a silly rant or express disappointment in vague terms – but never ever will you hear my bash anyone I know or otherwise.
Just not my style.

I have to say this – the fella working the desk at my brandy-new gym, Planet Fitness, is a GOON!

I was SO psyched to get to the gym this morning. Brian and I asked my Mom to watch Skylar so we could both go – we packed a bag – had a plan of attack – etc. and so forth. Getting out of the house together – alone without kids – is a major feat in itself.

We go strolling into the gym, Brian is signing in as my guest, and the guy notices my keychain picture of Skylar with Santa taken at our local mall before the holidays and says to me, and I quote.

“Oh you must like Christmas a lot, is that your grandson?”

Come again?
My grandson?

Are you freakin’ serious????

A. Skylar is NOT a boy and no one has EVER mistaken her for one!
B. I am NOT a grandmother – not even close!

It is my worst nightmare realized – truly!
And I finally know what getting kicked in the groin must feel like...

I correct him and say that the picture is of my DAUGHTER to which he looked mortified and never said another word to me.

And ya know… if he was some young punk I might understand it – but this buffoon was at least my age if not older!!!

I admit freely that I stewed over this for the entire 45 minutes I was on the treadmill.
Heck – who am I kidding – I am still stewing – OBVIOUSLY!

I realize that most Mother’s with children as young as Skylar (20 months) are typically not about to turn 41 – but it isn’t exactly unheard of in this day and age.
And this whole experience just compounds some feelings I have about being an *older* Mom – I don’t always relate (no matter how dang hard I try) to other Moms of young children – and women my age are usually past all of this baby rearing and don’t want to talk about potty-training and playgroups.
So I fall through the cracks and get misjudged!

And let’s not even get started on the whole vanity issue.
Wait… let’s!
Do I look like someone’s Grandmother?!?!
Boo hoo

Yeah, yeah, yeah – woe is me, right?

So because I refuse to stew in this negativity any longer – I will use this to fuel me through my QUEST to get in shape and hit my goal weight.

Let him call me a grandma then.
Let anyone for that matter!

I do not want to trash a whole gym because of one person's faux par -- but you know for those of us on this weight loss journey it sometimes takes every ounce of GUTS we have to just take the plunge by joining -- let alone actually stepping foot IN the gym. And for this to happen my very first time going just irked me. Thankfully I am a strong type and I refuse to let this falter me -- but for somewhere that claims to be a *NO JUDGEMENT ZONE* type of gym -- they should think before they speak!
Just sayin'!



  1. What a jerk. For what it counts, I'm sure being an "older" mother means you are more loving with you daughter.

    Marla @

  2. Some people are just stupid. Unfortunately, stupid people are one of my pet peeves. :P You definitely don't look old enough to be a grandma. I was shocked when you said your oldest was 16. Thought you looked too young for that.

  3. girl! I dont think that you ever saw you WON THE CLUTCH GIVEAWAY!!!! Ive been waiting for you email :) send your addy to ASAP! wooohoooo! xoxox

  4. ((((Marla)))) Thanks :)

    ((((Marie)))) Thanks :)

    ((((Ashley)))) THANKS!

    I won the clutch!! Wow -- that made my day!!!


  5. Hi there! I'm just dropping in to let you know I chose you for the Stylish Blogger Award!! Visit my post for details here: You're a Stylish Blogger Award Winner! :)

  6. ((((Mel)))) Thanks!

    Wow -- that is awesome! :D

  7. You are a crazy woman. Think how bad he has to feel now. Yes, he was stupid but we've all said and done stupid things. Some times the guard who is on duty to watch what we say takes a bathroom break and then we say something stupid like, "Is that your grandson?" Perhaps he was judging by himself as he already has a grandson... YOU don't look like a grandma at all.

  8. Mia -- I know, you are probably right. When I was at the gym yesterday that guy avoided me like the plague -- so I am sure he is feeling bad/stupid/etc.
    And I don't think it was a case of him thinking I look like a grandma -- but more like I am not young enough to have a baby.
    Either way -- it irked me and simply because someone else may be detoured by that comment and never go back to the gym. I use it to fuel my fire!

    Hope all is well with you!!!!


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