Tuesday, February 22, 2011



I am really struggling with getting back on track with my *diet* (hate that word but weight loss journey sounds so dang hokey…).
Well I was until I got on the scale yesterday morning (the first time in WEEKS – maybe even a month or better) and realized that I have regained nine pounds.
I was thinking five at the most – funny how we lie to ourselves – but the scale don’t lie!

And please let me clarify that I am not the type of woman who weighs herself daily or worse several times a day. I try not to be ruled by the scale – I do use it for accountability and to measure success! Also, I did work really hard to lose 45lbs. this past year – so I take any regain seriously.

Needless to say that realization shocked me right back on track and I ate healthy and tracked my food for the first time in weeks yesterday and today.

I am also heading to Planet Fitness first thing tomorrow morning to become an *official* member and make exercise a priority in my life again.

And I have decided that my days off spent in lounge clothes with no makeup and hair in a clip are a thing of the past. I deserve to look my absolute prettiest even on the days I am not at work or going somewhere.

That is not to say I won’t have a lazy day here and there – but hangin’ out in my Frosty the Snowman jammie pants with barely a comb through my hair is a thing of the past!
This I vow – pinky swear!

I just wanna be the best *me* I can…

All this *positive thinking* and regrouping has prompted me to start a new feature on my blog – you will find it listed as ♥fifty-two♥ in the tab section right under my header.
I plan on taking a weekly picture of myself (on Tuesday) to document my quest to hit my goal weight (still in limbo/debate) within this year.
(Is *quest* better than weight loss journey – hmmm, not sure?)

Oh well… who cares?
As long as I am dedicating my time, effort, and energy to something productive, positive, and healthy – who cares what I call it!?!?



  1. How about we call it "eating healthy" and not "diet."

    What I do is eat pretty well Monday through Friday and during the weekends I don't worry about it as much. I still lose for the most part (unless I really overdo it), and I still feel like a human being when I go out with friends on the weekend. I always bring home leftovers when we go out to dinner.

  2. LOVE your positive attitude. I'm really trying to actually "be" in more of my posts this year. It's always great to see the lady behind the blog!

  3. I know that feeling of thinking you only gained a few pounds and then bam - you are in a whole different weight range. That happened to me after my honeymoon - somehow ten pounds found me and won't leave me, haha.

  4. Marie -- I think I need to take a page from your book. I joined the gym this morning and I know that will help IMMENSELY!!!!

    Dina -- Hiya & thanks for popping on my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I agree wholeheartedly -- it is nice to *be* in more posts!

    Ashley -- Oh so you know my pain! Well I am determined to send these ten lbs. packing and making sure they take at least ten more of their friends with 'em! *heh*
    Thanks so much for the comment and stopping in for a bit -- much obliged!



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