Wednesday, February 9, 2011

She Speaks Again...

So I have been struggling with the 30 MORE Days of Blogging Challenge – that I bestowed upon myself I might add. Yeah it was created by someone else (don’t even ask me who) but I jumped on that bandwagon (again!) faster than doo-dah and now I am having serious regrets for making that commitment.
It will get done – but obviously not in chronological order.

Moving along…
I am still inhaling food like someone training for the hot dog eating contest at Nathan’s.
Seriously – what is up with me?
And how can I make it stop?!?!
Oh and did I mention that I decided to end my $40 a month subscription to Weight Watchers?
But in my defense – I haven’t been to a meeting/weigh-in in a month, tracked for a couple of weeks, and my heart, mind, body, and soul is so obviously not into it. I just cannot justify the expense when I am not giving it at least 50%!

Yeah – it’s a big giant bundle of excuses and someday when I come to my senses I will kick myself – but for now, this is the choice that works for me.

Truthfully – I am thinking of taking that $40 a month and joining a Planet Fitness that moved in about a mile or so away from me. I haven’t decided as I wonder if I cannot commit to Weight Watchers right now, how will I ever commit to the gym??!?!
My main goal is to NOT gain back the weight I have lost. As long as I don’t regain I will be happy!

Goddess Group was superb last night.
So empowering and healing – we ALL needed it. I know I did.
How wonderful to be in the midst of strong female energy – and some new/newer faces – I ♥ ♥ ♥ new energy!

I bought some new herbs (catnip & eyebright), some candles my friend Angela made, some crystals (citrine and tigers eye), and a GORGEOUS soapstone box and mortar and pestle.
Makes a gal very happy!

I have a wedding lined up!

As in a wedding to photograph of course!
Weddings aren’t my norm – but for friends or something smallish – I would possibly consider it.
This particular wedding is for two of my fellow Goddesses who plan on getting married later in the year -- so of course I will make an exception!
I am even willing to travel to Massachusetts – but we are hoping state legislation will pass the bill legalizing same sex marriage in Rhode Island by the time my lovelies get married – my Goddesses want to be married here!

In Other News:

• Skylar loves the vacuum – no, she REALLY loves the vacuum!
• I love when I have a new follower or stumble across a new blog I like – it’s like a never-ending link to more and more things that are way cool!
• CBS News Reports: diet soda may lead to heart disease!?!? Yeeks!
• Timothy Olyphant = Yummy
• Crock pots were made by heavenly beings with only our best interest and happiness at heart.
• I am not *in love* with my new biz cards – that I designed mind you – oh well, live and learn!
• I can handle the cold, the snow, the ice – it is part of where I live – but the massive dirty, sandy snow mounds really ruffle my feathers! Ew!
• I love our local library!
• It saddens me when I see I truly gifted people at a standstill and suffocating themselves with a lackluster zest for life.
• I love my Brian. I may not say it enough to him or just in general – but I do adore this man and am looking to our *date night* this Sunday night!

There ya have it…

Blessed Be…


  1. Planet Fitness is cheaper than WW. :P You can go there, hop on the treadmill and get running again. You know you miss it, and you really haven't been back into it since that dog incident.

    I'm not feel the WW thing at the moment either. There are other ways. I've used other free diet trackers that work great. Sometimes it's easier for me to just count calories. You can look at a package and say yes it's worth it or no it's not. Sometimes looking up points values is a pain in the ass.

  2. Oh Cyn! I am going to miss you, but understand perfectly. I am bookmarking the blog as soon as I am done with my comment.

  3. Marie -- You are so right about Planet Fitness -- $20 a month and honestly I think the lack of exercise is more a culprit than my eating -- not that I don't have moments of gluttony. I just feel like if I got out there and MOVED it would just happen without all this counting and stressing...

    Mia -- I will miss the WW crew too, I have been soooo outta the loop lately with everything going on in my life. I will check in on everyone every now and again -- now that I know you can still obtain blogs and such!


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