Friday, February 18, 2011

30 MORE Days of Blogging -- Day 28

Day 28 – If you could appear on any Television Program what would it be?

Well I would say LOST because it is my absolute FAVORITE show of ALL time – but alas, the show is finite and it would also require acting – something I just do not excel in.
I will have to say SURVIVOR because I can admit that I have fantasies about going on that show, outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting everyone! And is it really bad that I would almost like to be a *villain* than a *good* gal?

Oh yeah… and the million dollar paycheck would be super-duper and obviously would solve a lot of monetary issues!

Blessed Be…


  1. LOL!! My MIL actually started to fill out the application to go on Survivor. She really thought she could beat everyone... I just found out where my husband got the "I can beat everyone" attitude. :P

    Lost was my favorite show... We watched all the seasons on DVD right before the last one. That was the only one we watched on the original air date.

  2. I myself have fantasies of the Race one... AH! The Amazing Race. It is less about the money and more about the adventures for me. It just looks like FUN.

  3. I find it difficult to believe that you could be the "villain" with your positive attitude. My fantasy reality show to be on would also be The Amazing Race - agreeing with Mia, more about the travel and experience, than the money!

  4. I like your attitude. You would be fabulous on Survivor cause you look like a pretty tough (but beautiful) chick to me! :-)

  5. Marie -- I have checked into the application process as well -- it is lengthy and pretty extreme. I wuld LOVE to at least try out -- but I could never leave my babies for 39+ days!
    Ironically -- I got Brian hooked on Lost and he watched all the prior seasons before the last too -- the last being the only season he watched on Primetime as well!
    I MISS LOST!!!

    Mia-- I so hear ya! Yes, of course the money would be nice/awesome but the experience is priceless for sure!!

    Kimberly -- Yeah you are probably right -- but it might be fun to go out of character for a bit (evil grin) -- hehe!

    Z-- Thank you and ditto my sweets!!! And thanks for popping on my blog -- so nice to see you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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